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3PL pursued by MARK ITERATIONAL LTD. (3PL=3rd Party Logistics)
What is 3PL?
3PL (3rd Party Logistics) is construction of physical distribution systems by shipperes or trasportation companies in partnership with an other company (3rd party). In these systems not only transportation or storage function but also wide pysical distribution operations such as from procurement to storage order acceptance, order processing, storage control, distribution, etc are synthetically offered.
In USA and Europe there is a big trend for companies to subcontracted there physical distribution operation comprehensively to outside (3rd party). In Japan, too, an introduction of 3PL is watched with keen interest as a part of SCM (Supply Chain Management) or for most effective distribution of management resources. Those companies who offer 3PL can furnish the shippers with the most suitable services at the best cost through networking their professional functions even when they do not own by themselves such distribution equipments as warehouses, trucks or ships. The shippers, through subcontracting physical distribution operation by utilizing these systems, can reduce cost, improve customer services, and at the same time, concentrate management resources in core-buiseness.
Characteristics of 3PL by MARK INTERNATIONAL LTD.
We offer 3PL of export/import in which by developing our own IT systems we not only prepare related documents precisely in time but also provide consulting services that return the results to the customers by reducing their total costs through thoroughly reviewing and improving operation jointly with the customers. image "3PL pursued by MARK INTERNATIONAL LTD."

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